A chain reaction is a number of events triggered by the same initial event. 

Our strategy is to set off a chain reaction in the hearts of students across the community that generates life and passion for Jesus.   We believe that Jesus is the catalyst for radically altering a student’s life.  Once they meet face to face with Him then their entire world changes, setting off a chain of events in the lives of the students.  We believe that God’s vision for this ministry is to see students living an authentic lifestyle for God that arouses curiosity from their friends.  Everyone will want to know what makes them so different.  The answer is simple.  They had an encounter with their Heavenly Father.

Our Mission & Strategy

To lead students into a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating environments where participants are encouraged and equipped to pursue three vital relationships: intimacy with God, community with people in the Church, and influence with those outside the church.


Middle School (grades 6-8) currently meet in a Life Group setting on Sunday mornings during the 9:30 service time. They meet in the Middle Lounge; located across from the Main Auditorium doors. We will be launching Life Groups for High School students around the 1st of the year.


Currently 6-8th grade are invited to join the Middle Lounge on Sunday mornings during the 9:30 hour.


If you have any additional questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact us.